When Is The Best Time To Travel in Bhutan

download (1)Bhutan is a paradise for enthusiastic travelers that love to explore the beauty of Himalayan mountain range. However, the time of traveling to this beautiful country can make a difference as you will get a better view of the landscape and the mountain that surround this country. When is the right time to visit Bhutan? Autumn and spring are the best seasons for traveling to this country. In the months of October and November, you can get an impressive and outstanding view of nature as the skies generally remain clear. The overwhelming beauty of the snow-capped mountain peaks is not only captivating but the mild winter is also a point to visit this country during these months.

Overview of climate

If you are keen to enjoy the famous Bhutanese Festival wherein the monks wear those phenomenal masks while dancing, you have to Travel to Bhutan in October and March. As far as the climate of the country is concerned, it is cold in the north, tropical towards the south and temperate in the central region of the country. At the same time, you can experience